Noele Wayne Event Planner

-What others have to say-


Noele has excellent event planning skills coming up with innovative program ideas to engage audiences. She is receptive to ideas and good at building relationships.— Cyndi Zidell, Marketing, Public Relations Specialist II, County of San Bernardino Regional Parks Department, worked directly with Noele at San Bernardino County Regional Parks-CALICO GHOST TOWN


Noele is a top notch creator of results for just about any kind of entertainment / business management project. During the year I worked with Noele, she provided deep research and negotiation in a number of key areas including: media buying, event promotion, retail promotion, ad production, database development and management, marketing and publicity. In addition, her enthusiasm made her a pleasure to work with under extremely tight deadlines in high pressure situations. I highly recommend Noele for any situation where the stakes are high and the results are mandatory!
— Chris Johnson-Music Producer (Magnetic Music Group), was Noele's client


Noele takes her time in getting everything done right the first time, meets all deadlines before if not on their dates, is a detailed minded individual, has patience above and beyond most people to keep the machine running smooth and steady... Noele rocks!— Ted Shred (Owner/ Creative Director,Pirates For Hire, Double Dog Dare Events, & Eric and Ted's Most Excellent Events), was Noele's client



Noele, you are one of the greatest organizers of events that I have ever met, including the Calico Ghost Town Civil War Days Celebration and the Steampunk Festival at Calico, Calico Spring Festival, and the last one I attended, Calico Days and Parade! You are so informative, and so easy to talk to, I am really looking forward to attending the next event you put together, wherever that may be- Jerry Rushing-Old West Reenactor/Tombstone Legends



Noele it been a pleasure working for you at Calico Ghost Town. I always enjoyed the weekends. SZ Ranch was a blast. Totally fun. Great places - Penelope Lebow-Old Town Temecula Gunfighters


Noele is a delight to know and a pleasure to work with. Her passion is exceeded only by her dedication and vision. She doesn't put on events, she creates experiences -Warren Yeager AKA Pico Pistolero

About Noele Wayne

Noele Wayne began her work in the field of public relations at age nineteen. She started a home based business in Kingston ONT Canada and worked with bands from abroad on developing their fan clubs and implementing structure within their already established fan bases, bringing them to new and exciting levels.

Within a years time Noele was brought on as a contributing editor for a small circulation West Coast Music magazine "Real Rock" which was directly hitting record label reps and introducing them to new and exciting talent. In addition, Noele worked as a rep for a music catalog which once again focused on marketing fresh talent and received a noteworthy write up in local Kingston area newspaper "Studio" bringing thumbs up to her fledging endeavor.
Upon Noele's return to her hometown of Los Angeles CA in 1994 she spent two years as the aid to Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in her "Just Say No to Drug's" prevention Program and honed her skills in public communications.

After taking a year off, Noele spent 1998 going through a rigorous process of auditioning and screening hundreds of girls to form a Pop/R&B act who within a year’s time were signed to Island/Def Jam Records. They released their debut album on said label, and are called "Shorty 101." Noele was the founding singer of this project but opted to plant her roots deeper in the "behind the scenes" arena of the music business.


Within the three proceeding years Noele had been nationally published in two well-known teen magazines; STARZ (once again as a Contributing Editor) and Popstar! Thus adding to her writing credentials and allowing her the opportunity to network with several established artists, management companies, television and radio stations, public relation firms and record labels. Some previous acts Noele has worked with include - Hanson, NEVE, 98 Degrees, SR-71, Blessid Union of Souls, Slash's Snakepit, the Moffatts, Joe McIntyre and Jordan Knight (Of NKOTB fame), No Authority and numerous others.

In 1999 and 2000 Noele formed and implemented both the National and International fan club and street teams for Hollywood Record's Recording Artists "Youngstown." A successful launch of the street team and Noele's endless dedication generated over 500,000 hits to their online team site within six months and Noele was able to tour extensively with this act to continue growth among the fan base. She also was assigned as Tour publicist to the band and oversaw television, radio and magazine interviews while on the road.

2001 saw Noele implementing street team's for RCA's "Handsome Devil" (just fresh off the road from tour with Multi Platinum artists "LIT"). And an introduction to a street team for Double Platinum Champions of an American entertainment dynasty "NELSON" (Sons of late Teen Icon Rick Nelson) who inked a deal with Lou Pearlman's Multi Million dollar Record label Transcontinental Records.

Rounding out the year Noele oversaw a full scale publicity campaign for Trisol Recording artists' Die My Darling to secure online and print coverage. In addition to these efforts she got her foot in the door at Hollywood Production Company DNA, known for their creations of award winning videos by acts such as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, The Goo Goo Dolls, Madonna, Jewel, Jennifer Lopez, Alanis Morisette and countless others. Noele spent two years (2002-2004) in production and still occasionally freelances on music videos.

2004 also allowed the opportunity for Noele to continue enhancing her writing chops by contributing to ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE, an online and print publication focused on the local music scene. While winter brought about the merging of a new business relationship with the GAMEWORKS (R) location in Long Beach, CA. Noele helped bring emerging artists to the new LIVE MUSIC Friday's at this high energy entertainment, restaurant and bar experience.

Moving into 2007 Noele picked up a new rock act NERO ZERO to work with in managerial and promotional aspects, and continued to work side by side with Orange County talents Handsome Devil and San Antonio based band, The Way it Breaks.


2007 -2010 saw Noele working closely with Former Fox Family president Lance Robbins in the launch of his alternative media companies and getting her feet wet in additional areas of production.

Early 2010 Noele has became the exclusive event coordinator for California Historical Landmark #782, Calico Ghost Town, a San Bernardino county regional park alongside representing a handful of dynamic musical acts and live shows including: Neo-Victorian Progressive Rock band The Silent Still, Americana-Folk duo Clinkenbeard-Uglum and the entrancing live stage show, The Dead Wedding.

Since 2013 Noele has taken the boutique planning approach and worked on themed and immersive event experiences including the 5 year run of WILD WEST STEAM FEST - a multidimensional Steampunk festival and proudly helps to manage national events for Project Hero (a not for profit company dedicated to rehabilitating retired and injured veterans and first responders via therapeutic cycling events).

Noele also acts as a production coordinator from time to time and proudly boasts credentials for the Special Olympics and PSA/Music videos for the world famous music act, the Black Eyed Peas. 

Moving ahead in 2021 Noele is excited to continue her work by building unique event experiences for the public and working with exceptional musical acts, while continuing to build her brand.